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Marie Stillwell Young Artists' Competition

Annually, the ASO hosts the Marie Stillwell Young Artists' Competition. This competition is designed to recognized talented young musicians by providing them with scholarship awards to further musical education, as well as offer them the opportunity to perform their chosen piece in concert with the Alton Symphony Orchestra. Contestants 12 years of age and younger are eligible for the Deborah Fox Guild award. The competition will be by video submission only. On the application form you will add a link to a private YouTube video, or share a link to a high quality video through Google Drive. If you are having problems, please contact us. The deadline for applications and payment is Friday, November 10, 2023 at 11:59 p.m.

Submissions for this competition are closed.

The competition winners will be notified by November 12, 2023.  

All applicants must pay a $50 fee for this competition. It is not due immediately, but must be paid before the competition deadline.

Competition Awards

Awards will be issued for the following three categories:

  • First Place: Cash award of $300. Performing on February 18, 2024 with the Alton Symphony Orchestra

  • First Place Runner-Up: Cash award of $200.

  • Deborah Fox Guild Winner: Award of $100. Performing on December 9, 2023 with the Alton Symphony Orchestra.

Competition Rules

  • Contestants can be any age, up to the maximum age of 21 for instrumentalists, and 24 for vocalists.

  • Contestants are to be full time students with a private instructor.

  • Contestants must reside within a 125 mile radius of Alton, Illinois.

  • Each contestant shall perform the first or last movement of any standard concerto or concert piece that has orchestral accompaniment.  Vocalists may use standard operatic literature with orchestral accompaniment.

  • Contestants shall provide the adjudication panel with 1 scanned copy of the music score submitted at time of application. 

  • Contestants shall email a private YouTube video of their performance, or share a high quality video file.

  • Audition performance does not have to be memorized; however, First Place, and Guild Contest winners will be expected to perform from memory in the performance with the orchestra.

  • Contestants are expected to provide their own accompaniment for the auditions.  Pianists are to perform with a second piano (orchestral) accompaniment.

  • No previous first place winner may compete.  Runners-up and Guild Award winners are allowed to compete.

  • Winners will be allowed to perform with ASO conditional on availability of music. ASO has a maximum budget of $250 for rental or purchase of orchestrations. Application fee will be returned if selection is unavailable or if it is over the allowed expense.

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