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Hatheway Cultural Center

Hatheway Cultural Center, located on Lewis and Clark's historic Godfrey campus, hosts thousands of visitors every year for concerts, plays and numerous other college and community events.  The building houses the Ann Whitney Olin Theatre, an Olympic-sized swimming pool, classrooms, offices, and multipurpose rooms.

The new theatre, with a seating capacity of nearly 1,000, filled a need both at the college and in the community, which had been without one for more than 20 years.  Over the years, Hatheway Cultural Center has hosted performers, entertainers and educators from all over the world, including the National Band of New Zealand, Phoenix Boys Choir, the U.S. Navy Commodores, the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra, among others.   The Alton Symphony Orchestra is proud to call the Hatheway Cultural Center its home performance venue in the greater Riverbend area.

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Alton Symphony Orchestra lrg rz (80).jpg
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