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Include an essay addressing why you are deserving of the ASO Music For All Scholarship
and what makes you unique. Tell us something about yourself that is not already evident in the application. Submit this essay typed, exceeding no more than two pages single space.

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I certify that, by signing my name below, everything in the above application is accurate and correct to the best of my ability. I certify that the information provided in this application and in accompanying documents is true and accurate, and I understand that any information found to be false or inaccurate may disqualify me from consideration for receiving this or other Alton Symphony Orchestra scholarships and may require me, my school, or private instructor to return any amounts granted to me. I certify that the submitted essay statement is my original work and include my own words and are from my own opinions and my own images entirely. I authorize the dissemination of the information in my application to those individuals reviewing or judging it. I agree to allow my name, excerpts of my essay, my photograph, and other relevant information (excluding contact information) to be used in any publicity regarding this Scholarship program without any compensation now or in the future. I agree to adhere to all of the Rules and laws that apply to the Alton Symphony Orchestra’s Saint Nicholas Scholarship.
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