"An Evening With The Masters"

Saturday October 27, 2018 
7 p.m.
The Alton Symphony Orchestra is proud to honor Ken and Jean Conrady for their lifelong dedication to music and music education in the Alton and surrounding areas.  It is with great appreciation that we acknowledge this couple and celebrate their lives in music.  As musicians, both instrumental and vocal, they have blessed our community with wonderful music for generations.  As educators, they have graciously shared their knowledge and passion, giving us the ability to make and to share music, here and around the world, for generations to come.
Steven McCann, President of the Board of Directors, Alton Symphony Orchestra

Pictures from the Concert

"An Evening with the Masters"
Ken and Jean Conrady
Rayford Baby checks equipment
Standing ovation for Conradys
Standing ovation for Conradys
Vincent Piazza, Concertmaster
Maestro Shane Williams
Standing ovation for the ASO
Board Member Judy Moss and friends
Board Member Judy Moss and friends
ASO Board Member John Pawloski
Andy Hainz, Principal Double Bassist
"Symphony No. 41" by Mozart
Second Violins, Cellos, Basses...
Katie Scoma, Principal flutist
Gary Lee, ASO Principal Cellist
Symphony No. 9 by Antonin Dvorak
ASO Curtain Calls and Bows
Steven McCann and Ken Conrady
Joe Bayer and sisters at reception
Maestro Shane Williams at reception
Sandy Goeken and Meredith Ragsdale
Board Member Kathy McCann and Patron
Maestro Shane Williams and Jerre H
Elyse Tillman, Cellist, and friends
Maestro and the Conradys
Patrons enjoying the ASO reception
Steven McCann and Jerre Honke
Sisters at the reception
Katie Scoma and Maile Mills

Memories, Sentiments, and Shared Moments with the Conradys


Excerpts from the concert program

"I am so disappointed that I cannot be here tonight to celebrate Ken and Jean Conrady.  The Alton H.S. music department is in Disney World!

Ken Conrady is one of the main reasons why I am teaching music today (27 years).  I still remember rehearsing full orchestra in the 7th and 8th grades at West Junior High.  Mr. Conrady's presence and deep voice resonated in that old band room at West.  You always wanted to play your absolute best for him.  We made an album which I still have.  That was a BIG deal!

...I would not be where I am and the Alton School District band and orchestra programs would not be where they are today without Ken and Jean Conrady.  I am so very grateful for their support and friendship.  I hope to continue the foundation of great music education that they have built for the Alton-Godfrey musical community."

Laura Plummer, Instrumental Music Coordinator, Alton CUSD #11

"Professor Hiendlmayr gave St. Mary's a choir, but Ken and Jean made the golden age of the choir.  Building the choir to over 50 members, they not only provided wonderful spiritual music on Sundays, but also marvelous concerts and dinner shows.  For this, we choir members are forever grateful and cannot thank them enough for all the hard work and time they put in to make St. Mary's a joyous place with music."

Ray and Michele Todd

"Jean has been a volunteer 20 plus years at Eunice Smith Nursing Home with two other ladies, bringing the joy of music with a sing-a-long every Wednesday.  A few years back she even ran a choir group of residents and they gave a performance for the staff and other residents.  Ken was our go to guy to keep our piano tuned."

Johanna E. Baalman

"My friendship with the Conradys has renewed my love of music and has awakened a long lost passion for playing the piano that I thought was gone forever.  I am forever indebted to them for their encouragement."

Sandy Goeken

"As a product of the Alton schools, I was fortunate to have been taught by both Mr. and Mrs. Conrady.  The Conradys, in tandem with other exceptional Alton educators, encouraged, guided, and led me into a lifetime career in music performance and education.  I am so thankful to have had them in my life!"

Susan Parton Stanard, NCTM, Professor of Music, Director of Choral Ensembles and Vocal Studies, Coordinator Preparatory Music Division, Lewis and Clark Community College

"There was a young boy who lost his mother and struggled greatly.  He played piano and wanted to play a Christmas carol on the school program.  Mr. Conrady improvised an amazing accompaniment with the carol that made the boy shine, and he beamed with joy."

An Alton teacher

"Ken Conrady instilled a passion for orchestral music in me when I was only in middle school.  Who would imagine that a 13-year-old trumpet player would be playing the music of the great composers in a full MIDDLE SCHOOL orchestra?  Simply put, Ken is the reason that I am doing what I do today - I owe so much to him for his inspiration, his guidance, and his love of music that he shares so generously with his students!"

Michael R. Gagliardo, Music Director & Conductor, Etowah Youth Orchestras, Gadsden Symphony Orchestra

"The contributions of Ken and Jean to the area music community can never be measured.  Their support to musicians of all ages and levels of expertise has made all the difference.  Thank you!"

Barbara Kramer

"When I came to St. Mary's to teach music in 1994, and when I came to teach violin at Lewis and Clark Community College in 2013, I received EVERY possible support, help, and guidance from the 'dynamic duo' of the Conradys.  They coached chorus sectionals, helped me through post-baccalaureate music education certification, proofread my master's project, accompanied multiple programs, tuned pianos, introduced me to community musicians when I came to Lewis and Clark, and came to every single one of my performances that they were physically able to attend.  Kenneth and Jean Conrady are like second 'musical' parents to me, and very dear friends - my life is so much richer because of the great blessing of their acquaintance."

Sister Marie-Therese Swiezynski, FSGM

"The Conradys have been good friends, and teaching and piano tuning colleagues of ours for many years.  Because of their influence in the school district, opportunities for excellent musical training have been made available.  We are grateful that our own children have benefited from participation in several of them."

Ray and Barbara Bentley


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